The problem
Duct work with leakage 5% and above, inconsistent temperatures and air flow.
IAQ Services expert team can help you!

What’s next?
Step 1: Do you have leaking throughout the ductwork or indoor air quality is poor?

 a. Visual: Can you see any of the following:


 b. Hear – Is the system vibrating or fan running  louder

 c. Feel – The temperature is inconsistent:

d. Smell – Does the air coming from the air-conditioning smell throughout the building

e. Cost – Increase cost, but low performance

Step 2: Organise a free consultation to determine leakage percentage and indoor air quality issue

Step: 3:

Case Study
Building: Medical Centre in Nth Sydney, NSW, Australia – Managed by BMG Air Conditioning Pty Ltd
Goal: Reduce leakage to 5% or under

Zone 1
Before Aeroseal: Leakage - 193.5L
After Aeroseal: Leakage - 18L

Zone 2
Before Aeroseal: Leakage - 94.8L
After Aeroseal: Leakage - 26.5L

The problem
Air balance report indicated that the building failed the smoke test, as the duct work had leakage.

The only option was to seal the duct work internally and the riser cannot be removed.
Zone 1: Total leakage of 13.75%, after using Aeroseal by IAQ Services the leakage percentage was reduced to 1.28%.
Zone 2: Total leakage of 6.75%, after using Aeroseal by IAQ Services the leakage percentage was reduced to 1.9%
This product is effective, efficient and economical.

Why did you choose Aeroseal by IAQ Services?
Upon research looking for duct sealing methods we found Aeroseal by IAQ Services and choose to try this method.

How was the overall experience?
Results show it worked very well.
“Very effective way of sealing duct work without removing it”.
“IAQ Services is pleasant to deal with. They completed works within allocated time frame and we received the result needed”.

Troy Higginbotham
Project Manager
BMG Air Conditioning Pty Ltd

How does Aeroseal work?
The patented Aeroseal duct-sealing technology is an effective and affordable method of sealing ductwork systems within commercial buildings. The Aeroseal duct sealing process begins and ends by conducting a thorough diagnostic test of the duct system. The process works like this:

Why use Aeroseal?
Aeroseal is the most effective, affordable and viable method of sealing duct leaks. Just like anything else, ducts in commercial building’s leak. Leaking ducts cost you money via:

Aeroseal Benefits